this is process: headphone-cable-knot – problem solved
Every owner of  small headphones, like the ones that come with the i-pod, knows the trouble with the self-knoting-cabel and the big messy result of that. After giving that problem some thought, I came up with an idea. And after two hours illustrator-lasercutter pingpong, I had the first well working prototype in my hands and my headphones never got messy since then.

And here is how it works: by joining the one end of the headphone cabel (the jack-connector-side) with the other end (the headphones), a loop is being created and loops do not self-knot (picture a bag of rubberbands… no problem there). That’s all the magic.

Click the product to your cable and leave it there. Before you put the headphones away, just klick the earphones in as well. No rolling-up is needed.

Here’s the laserfile as pdf on thingiverse
It’s made in the FabLab Luzern

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