2015, Oktober, another inspirational speech about the future in digital fabrication

2015, September, speech @ Designathon about Rapid Prototyping/Future tools in digital fabrication

2015, July, creative digital fabrication Workshop @ ZHdK for a for a major industrial group.

2015, March, inspirational speech for a major industrial group’s additive manufacturing workshop

2015 Februar, Three day Workshop, ZHdK Winerschool, “3D Print Now!
How to use todays maker-tools and 3D Scanning possibilities as a professional Designer.

2015, Januar, Workshops for ZHAW Food and Beverage Innovation Master @ FabLab Zurich

2014, Dezember, 3D Print Week @ TEC LAB Industrial Desing

2014, September, Weekend-Workshop, ZHdK Summerschool, “3D Print Now2!

2014, June, Investors Panel, Podiumsdiscussion, Zunfthaus zur Meisen, Zürich

2014, March, Presentation, Zhdk, Highlights of Fabricate 2014,

2014, March, Speech and Podiumdisscussion @Office Lab, about FabLabs, Sharing and Printing.

2014, February, 3 Week Class Digital Fabrication, for ZHdK @FabLabZürich
Department Project about digital fabrication processes and Product development. Together with Yves Ebnöther and Beat Karrer

2014, January, Three day Workshop, ZHdK Winerschool, “3D Print Now!
How to use todays maker-tools as a professional Designer.

2014, January, One Week Video-WorkshopZHdK Industrial Design, “What is Industrial Design

2013, Dezember, Forum, Speech and Podiums Disscussion “3D Printing in Design, Research and Industry“,
ZHdK Vortragssaal, Project Manager.

2013, May, speech, podium discussion and workshop, “Can 3D Printing go geen?“, swissnex, San Francisco, CA
First international forum on sustainable 3D Printing

2013, January, One week Workshop, ZDdK Industrial Design for SNF
Designing 3D Printing Giveaways for SNF Ambassadors.

2013, February, 3 Week Class Digital Fabrication, for ZHdK @FabLabZürich
Department Project about digital fabrication processes and Product development. Together with Yves Ebnöther and Beat Karrer

2012, October, speech and podium discussion, Danach Konferenz, Zürich

2012, July, Workshop Stereo SpeakerFabLab Luzern, together with Martina Smoljo and Dani Furrer.

2012,  May. One day Arduino Workshop, FabLab Luzern, together with Dani Furrer.
Building and Ardunio Ninja Robot in one day.

2011-now. Various Fablab Workshops @FabLab Zürich from building 3D Printers to CNC Milling and Product development…

2011, November. Innovation Workshop with quick Prototyping for Swisscom Strategy & InnovationFabLab Luzern, with Daniel Boos and Peter Troxler

2011, October. Lunch-Workshop: Systematic Innovation, Fablab Luzern/ HSLU Business DIY Miniworkshop with LED’s and Roundcell Batteries and lasercutted PP-Foil.

2011, September. Two day Workshop, FabLab Luzern. Simple product development with LEDs for FMZ Lucern Middleschoolers. together with Martina Smoljo.

2011-2013. Various Fablab Workshops @FabLab Luzern from building 3D Printers and 3D scanning to Product development…

2010, October. HSLU Afternoon workshop, Systematic Innovation, Fablab Luzern/ HSLU Business/CreaLab. Building Bristlebots in 30 minues.

2009 – Now: Unico First, design sketching and early product development workshops

2009 – Now:  Workshops for ZHAW Food and Beverage Innovation Master, Wädenswil
Mentoring, design sketching and early product development and graphic design.

2009, CAD Class, 2 Weeks, Solidworks

2009, 3 Weeks Project. “Early phases in formfinding”, together with Heiko Stahl.

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