Just another three hour project – Longboard
After work, I went to Rollladen and spent 180 Fr. on some wheels, trucks and bearings… went to the next hardware store, bought some Mulitplex-Birch-Wood for 20 Fr… then headed to the Fablab Zurich, played around with Illustrator (and the free amazing subscribe-plugin) till I liked it… programmed the CNC Machine… and was finished in no time! The next day after some riding and tuning (softer rubbers on the trucks) I decided to spray-paint all edges atomic orange. I really like that it’s possible to make something cool in an evening.

Stylewise I sticked to a strict concept: every thing is 60 deg, from the fab letters to the board edges to the angle of the chamfer.

Documentation and layout files can be found here: http://zurich.fablab.ch/fab-board, also – the board is now in the FabLab – for everyone to use!
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