… and how i work
As an Industrial Designer, I am very much into fair-minded and extraordinary solutions with relevance. I try to realize them with the best of my knowledge – my design process and the use of tools is in constant change and i find new ways of developing things almost every day.
I worked a lot with SolidWorks, Cinema 4D and such to get quality 3d results. But  i try to use as much as possible all the amazing free alternatives! I’m a big fan of tinkercad and pixlr. I print and scan things in 3D almost every day and I love to use CNC-Machines. I know basic Electronics, can play around with easy Arduino-code and i get simple html and gcode to work…
This Year, I got hocked up on Rhino/Grashopper for a more generative way of making design.

I’m working part-time at Zurich University of the Arts, Industrial Design as Head of the new TEC LAB.
On Mondays and Fridays, i often tinker around in the amazing  FabLab Zürich.

you can find me here:
and here:

and i contribute quite a lot to the fablab zurich flickr photo stream:

Also, I set up some tumblr blogs for my lectures in 3D Printing and Digital Fabrication:

I’m not on facebook, and my google plus is quasi no-mans-land…
but some random fun i post here:

questions? need help? infos? : please contact me! info@romanjurt.com
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