… and how i work
My area of specialization as an industrial designer is in digital fabrication. I work with upcoming technologies and do research in future design processes at Zurich University of the Arts. As head ID-Lab, I give lessons in digital fabrication, mixed reality and quick prototyping. I share my knowledge in workshops for companies but as well as in fun lectures for kids.

With the ongoing third industrial revolution (mass customization, on-demand-production, sharing-economy ) comes an acceleration on all levels that is in need of designers that quickly incorporate these new technologies and processes and do know how to use them. My work at ZhdK hopefully prepares tomorrows designers to this dynamic future.

Besides my lab-work at ZHdK, I always find pleasure in challenging projects not bound classic disciplines. i build robotic blimps as well as fantastic 3d objects. Having fun in those projects is as important as the result – be it the co-design part in developing a pre-bike or be it the endless hours collecting parts from diy-3d-printerfarm.

Questions? Need help? Infos? Feel free to drop a line: info@romanjurt.com
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