3D printed name tags for Fabricate 2014
Ronnie Gaensli, Beat Karrer and myself teamed up to produce 300 individual name tags. With every batch having a different name and color-gradient, an automated process had to be developed. The design of the name tag had several difficulties – how to create a quick quality print with auto-eject capability, a strong flexible design for the clip to work with several mounting methods, an easy integration of a magnet, a good readability and a failsave sliceabilty of the font were some of them.

Development took place in a handful of meetings, production tests and final production started three weeks before the Fabricate 2014 Conference.

About 6 Kilos of PLA were used for printing. Each name tag took about 30-40 minutes to print, mostly by an automated production overnight at the FabLab Zurich. Five Ultimakers were used in a slightly tilted position so that the auto-ejected tags fell off the printing platform into a box.

Pictures of the production and the Conference can be seen on the FabLab Zurich Flicker Album
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